Colour Me Done

Colour me done Done with the impetuous nature of the world With the little losses that end in sacrifice The eternal grief of those underneath The ones above are all they have Little do they see who they hurt Give in to the emptiness of loss The primrose tinted glass of sunshine That flowed when... Continue Reading →

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Farming and Musing

Day 2 21.07.16 So far, so good. Spent the day weeding, feeding animals, driving tractors (cheers to Daaaaag), moving sheep and enjoying the view. Finding it difficult to be doing less. We work for 7 hours a day, then not much. Soon I will get used to this. Right now I feel a bit lost,... Continue Reading →

It’s Raining

When you find yourself on a incredible farm in the south of Norway and your not sure how you got here, because you made the decision to go over about three hours.

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