The Doggo

On the 12th of September 2016 I drove three hours to pick up my new best friend.

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I had been struggling with anxiety for about three years and after my adventure in Norway it became clear to me I needed to make some changes to my life. I needed to not be working crazy hours, to get outside more and speak to more people. It all seemed like the best excuse to get a dog.

My family has always had dogs, cocker spaniels, and I am obsessed with animals. We have had three dogs as a family, Kipper, Poppy and Jemima. We unfortunately no longer have Kipper and Poppy, but my mother still has Jemima who is 2 years old. She is a furry ball of sass. Dogs have a huge impact on your life and to me it is a very positive impact.

So my best pal and I drove down to pick up a little pup. I had had minimal communication from the owner, they seemed to really want to get rid of him. He was not from a breeder, someone just didn’t want him anymore, I honestly do not know how anyone gave this beautiful little dog up. The owner did not care who I was, or the kind of life that I would give him, they just wanted him out of their way and a little bit of money. When I got him he was about 13 weeks old and was in his third home. The moment I saw him I was completely in love with the little furry guy.

On the drive home we discussed names, we went through a lot of names. I would like to say that the home I picked him up from had not named him, which I found mind boggling.     Towards the end of our journey we decided on Sam, Samson for long. It seemed to suit him well.

So from that day Samson and I have had a very good time together and are about to celebrate our year anniversary. I could not be happier that I got him, he has had such an amazing impact on my life. I go out on walks everyday, speak to people everyday, he gives me a purpose to get out of bed, he is cuddliest dog and generally a very good boy. He is a very big springer spaniel and I’m not sure if he is all springer, he might be a bit of a mix, but that doesn’t matter. I am completely obsessed with my dog.

So here’s to little Samson – my best wee pal!

Having a dog has made me really think about the business of breeding animals as there are so many that already need homes. As my boy was second or third hand he has a few hang ups from times when he was maybe not treated that nicely. He won’t go in a dog cage at all and screams if you put him in one (so obviously I don’t), he sleeps lightly and wakes at the slightest noise, he can be anxious if he is not with me, he doesn’t settle well and is nervous of men. I do not know what Sam’s life was like before I got him, but now I make every effort so that he has the best life.  I did choose Sam for the specific breed as I am experienced with spaniels, wanted an energetic dog and something I felt confident having as my first dog, rather than a family dog. The subject of dog breeding is huge, and I won’t get into it now. All dogs deserve good, loving homes. 


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